Reconciliation and the Promotion of More Inclusive Societies

Reconciliation and the Promotion of More Inclusive Societies: September 29 & 30, Ottawa

The Institute for the Study of International Development is pleased to announce the inaugural offering of our executive education certificate program, reconciliation and the promotion of more inclusive societies. The program is designed to challenge participants to think critically about the role they can play in building societies that embrace di erence and forge a path forward that is representative of diverse views. Central to this program is the understanding that renewed relationships, based on dialogue, mutual respect and understanding, are key to achieving long-term reconciliation. This is directly relevant for improving relations between civil society and the private sector, as well as for improving the relations of both of these sectors with governments at the local, regional national and international level.

1,500.00 $
2 days
Course date: 
September 29–30, 2016