This is an essential course for leaders, professionals and practitioners interested in the leading edge thinking and practical applications of reconciliation theories and strategies to their work in the private, public and civil society sectors.

The Institute for the Study of International Development is pleased to announce the inaugural offering of our executive education certificate program, Reconciliation, Conflict Prevention and the Promotion of More Inclusive Societies. The program is designed to challenge participants to think critically about the role they can play in building societies that embrace difference and forge a path forward that is representative of diverse views. Central to this program is the understanding that renewed relationships, based on dialogue, mutual respect and understanding, are key to achieving long-term reconciliation and conflict prevention. This is directly relevant for improving relations between civil society and the private sector, as well as for improving the relations of both of these sectors with governments at the local, regional national and ultimately the international level.

The Program will be held at McGill University, Montreal, Canada from October 26 to October 30, 2015.

Program Objectives and Key Themes

Based on the Institute’s proven standards for multidisciplinary research and teaching, and with the vast array of practical development experience represented by our networks in the public, private and civil society realms, the program will provide:

  • An introduction to the challenges that different communities face locally and internationally in reconciling past injustices and perennial issues;
  • The skills and resources needed to effectively engage with reconciliation debates and practice conflict prevention;
  • The tools and strategies required to promote a more inclusive environment within the participants' respective organizations.

Teaching Team

The teaching team will comprise leading experts, practitioners and innovators across a variety of disciplines and sectors. This year's Reconciliation program includes leaders of world class organizations and prominent scholars. The instructors will not only share their experiences and knowledge, but also actively engage with participants to facilitate their understanding and develop their unique interests.

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Target Audience: 

This is a practical program intended for professionals who work in the private and public sectors, including those who work for international organizations and consulting companies, nongovernmental organizations, and community organizations. Participants are expected to come from throughout North America.

Information on Registration and Fees: 

The fee for this intensive five-day program is $1995 CAD (plus applicable taxes). All course-related material, breakfast, lunch and health break refreshments are included. Upon completion of the program, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion from McGill University’s Institute for the Study of International Development.*

*ISID's Executive Education courses do not count for credit towards a degree at McGill University.

1,995.00 $
5 days
Course date: 
Montreal, Quebec October 26-30, 2015